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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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capacity that. is the earliest we've done that. >> that is usual considering they don't usually top off until april. this was a reservoir in 1991. >> having lived here, water rationing in 90s it's great to already. >> how long did it take to you catch that? >> two minutes. >> the high water means trout are biting. big time. >> because they're in, near the shore. >> all right what. are you going do with the fish? >> live with a shot of the mill way here, we're told there is no chance of flooding for creeks downstream from here that, is the good news, despite the water you can see around me, officials are urging the president to -- residents to conserve water. >> all reservoirs that feed
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the bay area water supply good shape right now. san francisco public utilities commission commission tells us it's reservoirs at 83% of capacity. and east bay mun nis wall direct at combined 85%. and lexington is at 63%, plenty of room for more rain. let take a look now at liveéycw doppler 7 hd. sandhya? >> some areas are actually getting wet right now as you look at our radar, combining with national weather service radar around monterey bay. keeping you ahead of the storm, and we're seeing some mixed precipitation right around cobb mountain. you'll notice here, bottle walk road, the pink is an indication of mixed precipitation just east of yu kia. taking you in towards other parts of the bay area, fort ross, towards jennifer,
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highway 1, moderate rain and some spotty, light returns there. san bruno. very light returns in shar park road. here is a look at timing. 7:00 tonight we have rain along coastline. you'll notice that as we head into 10:00 or 11:00 smrks advances inland could continue to see some snow up into mountains north of us and around mount hamilton. 5:00 a.m. is lking at showers, the question will this wind down? i'll let you know when we come back. >> we have got light rain today. but impact of the past storms still being felt across the bay area, trees continue to topple over though it's been dry today. this giant oak crashed to the ground on laurel street. did cut power lines.
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crews have been working chopping up trees, pg&e working to fix the damaged to the lines. great news for great highway tonight. a stretch of the roadway along san francisco coastline has been closed for the past several days because of flooding and late today, public works department reopened it to northbound and southbound traffic. >> the national weather service confirms a rare touchdown r.tornado touched down in santa cruz county over the weekend. take a look at 75 miles per hour winds crushing three green houses at a family-owned nursery in watsonville and damaged three others. owners estimate repairs going to be $100,000 but say it could have been worse. >> tornado happened about 7:00. our crew starts at 7:00. they were just getting tools and get trogd come to green houses to start cutting. and i'm just thankful nobody was in there. >> some of the flowers are a
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loss, about 3,000 daisies less than perfect, so the family donated them to cal polly for the rose bowl parade float. >> moving on from weather two, men fatally shoi shoth, a woman stabbed to death and a second woman a victim of what police are calling vehicular manslaughter. that with a police chase that ended in east oakland.tq?-typaz nick? >> good evening, police chief introduced a plan to reduce crime in the city çs÷ç oakland, that was 24 hours ago in. in the short time, four people lost lives on the streets of oakland. >> and i heard p.o.w., p.o.w., p.o.w.. it won't stop. >> ricky lives house as way from where two men were shot and killed after 1:00 a.m. there have been no arrests and police have not identified a suspect but this morning the 800 block of immediate avenue
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remained an active crime scene. investigators looking for clues and collecting eefdz i heard about 20 shots. and minutes later a woman stabbed to death in this apartment. police detained a man with cuts to his hands, investigators moved in and out of the second floor apartment telling abc 7 news they were still working to identify the victim. all on the heels of kmebts made by howard jordan, yesterday, he discussed putting into place a two-point plan to fight violent crime in oakland. >> we don't want a repeat of this year, next year. we have 127 murders this year. >> it's now 130 murders after two gunshots victim were and the driver is now in police custody after he fran police and smashed his car into this lincoln. >> for whatever reason, he thought it was prudent forfó'y m
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to seize personnel. >> police say five people in this car never saw the bmw coming and had in time to get out of the speeding car's way. a woman in her 20s, a passenger in the town car, suffered major injuries when the bmw hit the rear passenger side. the driver of the bmw facing felony charge autos evading police officers and vehicular manslaughter. >> the driver of the bmw will d and run charges. now plea, have not identified the passenger in that lincoln who died at the scene. they're looking for someone else who is in that bmw who ran from police when the car crashed. >> thank you. prosecutors have filed murd qlaerjs against two people who led police on a chase in southern california where a daily city boy was killed. the car hit a van with five
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people inside, four from daily city. authorities suspect they believe the suspects a man ask woman are gang members and they could face live in prison. two others in cars were not charged. a horrific scene in southern california a driver in riverside lost control his vehicle, slamming into a bus stop. killing a woman and her toddler. two other people are in critical condition with serious conditions to their legs. one pinned underneath the car. police have not determined what caused a driver to lose control. >> lease confirmed two guns have been stolen from the home of a police officer not a member of the antioch police department but officials refused to identify what agency he, or she works for. they say the burglars got away with two guns. police have made a sixth arrest now in the case of a man and woman found bound and gagged on a street in san francisco. they also shed new details into what may have caused what is a vicious attack.
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the new person charged with murder is a 26-year-old catherine long, known by the nickname killer, police say she and five others stormed a house, december 9th beat up a man, young woman ask left them for dead on the street. the man died and woman survived. the district attorney says i mate be connected to a credit card fraud operation. >> there is a list of credit card numbers and activities having to deal with credit card fraud they were handwriting. j a reader, label makers and blank credit cards at the house where the suspects were arrested. police are trying to determine if the victims were involved in the fraud operation. >> annual new year's crack down on drunk drivers is underway now this, yeard1k÷ an offender autos we're following fans in town for the kraft fight hunger bowl. >> credit card offers 5% cash
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excluded. 7 on your side gets his reward. >> and we're keeping an eye on live doppler 7 hd as a
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>> they'll be surprised if you run across one of theerks right now, patrol and local law enforcement launching a crack down on drunk drivers. du. i check points going up tonight throughout the bay
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area and will be running through new year's day. one lawmaker is proposing a solution, a new solution for getting repeat crunch drivers off the road its already being used in other states. we're live tonight with the details of the new proposal. david? >> well, the santa clara sount sounty -- count eye sheriff's office is planning on starting the check point here on stevens creek boulevard at 7:00 tonight but state senator along with a chp believed technology also could be a major deterrent. the thinking hind proposed crack down is to address what jerry hill says is a high rate of drunk driver who's don't  b. >> there are 161,000 dui arrests and convictions in california. in 27% were repeat offender
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autos a second conviction would require a driver to buy and install an ignition intercept device this, is video post bid several manufacturers showing how devices work. a breath sample is taken and the car starts only if a driver passes a test. law enforcement says check points helped to intercept drunk driver asks take them off the streets. redwood city police officers have checked 15,000 vehicles so far this holiday period. and played 18 arrests, they support the bill as a deterrent. >> this legislation being propose today is actually needed to be added as part of the arsenal that we have in detering people that may not just have the will, dedication or moral fortitude to not drive drunk. >> it costs about $100 but requires ongoing cal braigs. that can run $50 to $100 every
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two months two time offender has to use it one year, three time offender, three years. four time, three years. mothers against drunk driving would prefer the law be tougher. >> we would prefer it be installed on every du. i convicted person's car. this is a great stopgap in the meantime. >> she says stopgap because four california counties including alameda are in the middle of a pilot project. those ignition devices are required after the first dui conviction. hoping it mitd help it advocate for a stronger law. >> it's a perfect weekend for tahoe. and there is snow up there in a lot of it. abc 7 news talked with bay area folks headed for slopes this weechblgtd -- weekend.
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>> holidays with nice weather, plenty of snow making sierra see resorts a magnet for residents. >> we came today. it's an open season this year. we got together, all family and decided to begin this season with fun. and enjoyment. >> this 7-year-old getting a taste of the slopes. his family drove from the south bay this morning. >> i just know. you learn about how to ski. i didn't have a chance to learn when i was young. >> there is great snow this weekend. i had to get up and bring kids. and it's been a great time. >> you don't get a lot of snow do you? >> we get snow but don't get mountains. so this is perfect so we have
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three weeks of holidays. normally there is only two with it lining up for weekends that we're exkbreernsing higher than normal volume. we have about seven hours left. >> i 80 ben dry, making it easier to get from the bay area, up to the slopes. >> it wasn't quite snowing at that moment. >> no. >> sanlda patel in for spencer tonight. >> yes. we're looking at snow showers for saturday. in the sierra nevada. right now just seeing flurries up there. should be just fine. get up there, enjoy the snow. snow pack running 146% of average. no chain restrictions now. i checked reports. you look from our mount tamalpais camera, you can see
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beautiful view of san francisco. remember yesterday our computer models indicating rain would be a coastal and north bay event? that is how it's been so far. looking here, i want to show you where it's raining now. north bay, right around fort ross, jenner we're getting light to moderate rain. as we head towards highway9>
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snow flurries now not suspected to be a big snow maker. so there are no advisories or warnings. temperatures right now into 40s to 50 in half moon bay. highs mid-40s inland running a good five to 10 degrees below normal. light rain tonight. morning showers for saturday. snow possible around 3,000 feet in the bay area, sunday morning, frost dry for afternoon plans. just this system continues to just skirt the coast for the time being. we're going to keep them light tonight not everyone will see rain. some of you my escape for some dry conditions. rain along the coastline, then we'll see some advancing inland. light to moderate rain tonight could continue to see rain snow mixing in over the higher elevations and at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow, mount hamilton may
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be picking up rain rain and snow as well. scattered showers for morning. ska afternoon actually not looking so bad. you'll see partly sunny skies. it's going to be a quick moving system. not much in terms of rainfall. so north bay, rest of the region tenth to a quarter inch up until saturday, 5:00 p.m. saturday, 10:00 p.m. as well as building 10-14 feet. watch out for breaking waves. morning beginning milder than this morning. scattered showers you'll need umbrellas. upper 30s to mid-40s, tomorrow afternoon, still cool. upper 40s to low 50s, sunday, it's dry. but cold in the morning with frost. so bundle up. monday, for new year's eve slight chance of afternoon rain in the north bay. very light. it's a weak system. nur plans can go on just fine.y
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we'll feature a chance of showers, rain turning going into thursday. >> thank you. >> coming up, you need help with new year's resolutions? guess what? there is an app for that. >> now, you can put your
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an autopsy underway for a man killed by police. officers shot and killed a 22-year-old early thursday morning at diablo point apartments. police say he had a weapon. the autopsy will help determine whether he had drugs or alcohol in his system. co-workers at the salon say they're shocked he was killed. >> he was a very sweet and kind and gintel person, we're hoping for answers. it's confusing. it's a horrible tragedy. circumstances surrounding it make it harder us to process. >> the keef of police says he supports office qlorz shot him. they're suspended as a raut yeen procedure. >> we're going shift gears now
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because big bowl game between u.s. naval academy and arizona state as giants ballpark this weekend gooding bring a boost to the economy tomorrow more than 30,000 p fans goring to pack the park for the kraft fight hunger bowl. today, they're spending a lot of money in and around union square. many here for a weekend. >> two teams are excited to be here. and their fans excited to be here. i think we're going up hotels in san francisco. >> yeah. good thing, so far, 33,000 tickets have been sold for the match up but the park can hold 40,000. organizers estimate it will be another banner year. it's brought the city 130 million in the past 11 years. that is $12 million to $13 million per year for the san francisco economy. >> and there is new hope tonight that lawmakers may not lead us over that fiscal cliff after all. coming up next, president
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obama draws a line in the sand. we'll explain his plan for averting a tax hike. >> thank you for calling. >> i team reveals why a state agency is too busy to take your calls.
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a late afternoon meeting brings progress towards avoiding the fiscal cliff. tonight abc 7 news mark matthews has been looking into the cost governoring over the live cliff. >> remember, last year it? was part of a deal to end the debt ceiling crisis. congress agreed to steep a spending cuts going into reduce the deficit. cuts now are just around the corner. >> the president says he's optimistic but did f.a deal can not be reached he'll tell hairy reid to introduce a fall back bill. >> put a bill making sure tax
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on middle class families don't goup, that unemployment is available for two million people z that lays ground work for additional deficit reductions and economic growth steps we can take in the new year. >> the bill, as the president calls bare minimum isn't what many hoped for, pushing off until next year, larger pron lems of dealing with the cuts. the study by george mason university found cuts will result in two million jobs lost and a $215 billion drop in the nation's gross domestic product. for california, it means defense spending will be cut by half a billion dollars, 12,000 children would lose their access to head head start programs and fewer women would receive screening. 7,000 victims of domestic violence would lose services.
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8,000 fewer californians tested for hiv. 296,000 students could see their benefits cut and employment assistance to 143,000 job seekers also cut. uc health systems could face 21 million in cuss cuts. after today's meeting, nancy pelosi said she was encouraged a little it was constructive. and candor is constructive. and... i think it moved us. >> republicans blame the president for the collapse of a bigger deal which would have cut spending and reduced debt. >> it's the president's response dwroiblt layout a plan and to bring people together. >> larry reid agreed to spend the weekend working on a plan. >> i'm looking at impact of the spending cuts that -- from that study.
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when you start to get into specifics today when we call health centers today or public health department to ask about how the cuts would affect san francisco and the bay area, nobody knows yet. because the budgets have not been formalized. they're waiting to hear which programs will be cut, which will be spared. >> they're waiting for congress. >> thank you. >> the stock market taking lack prof gres badly this, oñ performance over the last five trading. >> the nasdaq down 25 points for the day. s and p off by 15. >> if you're on long term unemploymentik-(é you're really going fall off the fiscal cliff f you try to call the help line, chances are you won't get through to an agent. 84% of calls, 84% are never
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picked up. >> this is how june spent the last month. listening to auto mated menu autos press three. >> and getting same response. >> we're sorry. the callers waiting to speak to a representative have been reached. >> i heard that recording 8-so times per day for a month. >> just hurts. >> matthews is on disibility for a shoulder injury. wants to know the status of the claim w out a check from the state she could be kicked out of her house. >> for us not to be able to get any help, no communications back, on funds we've paid into a system is aggravating. >> sounds like they got too many phone calls, goodbye. >> dave asked us not to use his last name so the state
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won't come after him for complaining. he's been unemployed since july saying being told to call back is frustrating. >> if you don't make it through or don't contact them, they'll make the decision based on information they have. which will go against you. >> june and dave are calling different phone systems run by the same agency. the employment development department. >> people in government must ál >> they do know a state audit in march, 2011 first outlined problems in the phone system. and the follow up audit confirmed issues are very serious. of the 29.7 million calls in which individuals asked to speak to an agent, 24.9 million, 84% were unsuccess oofl people have a lot of expectation that's i call and someone is there to answer. well there are finite
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resources of staff. >> the spokesperson says budget limitations and the volume of calls to the unemployment insurance line make it difficult to answer every call. >> demand is overwhelming. and we're doing our best to try to make information available for customers. >> she has the same advice for people having trouble on the disability insurance line. >> submit questions online. some people may not want to do that but it's that self service help mode that well help us get caught up make sure this transition completes. >> she says they're complete because of a new auto mated system in november. department having trouble with transition. it's up to you to help them out. >> yes. people are paying into the system. we do need a cooperation from customers. >> and it was the same one she got from the phone line.mjyw
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our volume4d'vy was high. we ask for your patience. >> state senator says the large number of unanswered calls to a agent is not acceptable. he thinks the problem might be the size of the department, and a misunderstanding of who it serves. >> this is an expectation they're serving a client who may be going through greater pain ask suffering than you are. >> he says we'll bring this issue to the labor committee and wilewill meet to get answers. we're posting links on abc 7 >> coming up next, a new app you might want to try if you're having trouble keeping your new year's resoluti
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well, 'tis the season for
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making new year's resolutions then, a week, two later it's the season of breaking them. >> yes. but what if you get help from following through? >> yes. this look at a social media company that found a way to do that. >> i have a start up to grow that. is my resolution. >> ken wang is thinking big. for most people, resolutions sound like this. >> this year, i need to learn how to start cooking and doing more exercise. >> i want to travel more this year. >> they're lofty goals and for folks help would be worth something. >> i would pay $30 a month, maybe? >> deals i don't know about? or secrets help. >> it turns out there is a web site for that. it's called reworder. it's a place to offer up a reward for a kind of information or expertise. >> they say i want this, i will pay this much. >> the vice president showed us rewards offered for cooking tips. >> they want to learn how to
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make meals and be able to do it home. >> work out advice. >> looking for a plan to run a marathon under four hours. >> and vacation planning. >> and the best itinerary gets them 10s oodz if you offer the reward, you pick the winner. >> 100 people trying to win. it's up to them to decide this person knows it the best this, is the person i'm going award and pay out. >> and if you're an expert, you can earn cash. >> i'm a dessert guy. i love all sweets from pie to ice cream, cakes anything. >> so he told us via skip he made $75 teaching someone how to replicate his wife's key lime pie for christmas. >> that was the gift. he thanked me z said it was grai. delicious. i was happy to help. >> how much can you get forgive gg advice? >> well, if you help ken with his start up, maybe a lot. >> could be $10 could be $1 million. >> something to think about. >> still ahead michael finney
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coming up next. >> yes. going to bat for an iphone user claiming his credit card company failed to deliver on a
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you know a lot of credit card companies entice with reward points and cash back. >> however, rules can change. one man claims he lost out on benefits. >> so he came for help. michael is here with the story. >> yes. this guy bought two iphones expecting a reward. however, his credit card company says iphone 5 is no longer eligible forlzz4p reward. well, that isn't seem right to the consumer so i stepped in to help view a message so press one. >> sean cooper left his iphone 5 read message as loud. it plays music and takes pictures. >> last one two years. and so... you know... the new technology is always a draw.
6:45 pm
>> sean reorderered two iphones one for himself, one for his dad, but at $360, they weren't cheap. so sean decided to use his discover card to get a 5% bonus, and take a sting out of the price. >> they double checked the determines to4u% make sure that it was included. >> sean went to the shop discover web site listing retailers and offers of cash back rewards. he says he checked apple store section finding offers for several products including iphone and mac book autos it said iphone was okay and you could order twoup to. i went through the web site. >> however, the bonus never showed up in his account. when sean asked discover about it, the company said iphones were not included for rewards. >> they weren't going to be womening to provide the cash back. >> discover told him apple decides which products are eligible for the 5% bonus.
6:46 pm
the company excluded iphone 5 soon after sean ordered it, however, as a courtesy, discover did offer him a bonus for one phone, but not two. sean said not good enough. he says he used discover card based on a prochlis of 5% back for both phones. >> it is an issue of consistency f not this transaction what about next? >> he contacted 7 on your side. we asked discover what happened when offers change after a purchase. discover said we work closely with both merchants and card nebs to ensure we properly communicate terms and conditions on shop discover. which can change without notice. we also strive to make card members experience a positive one. will work with try to solve issues that may arise as we did in this case. it did. cash back for not one, but both of
6:47 pm
the iphones. this amounts to $36 but sean hez sez it's about having confidence in his purchases. >> i'm still a happy discover card holder. >> discover says rewards do qhaimpk out notice. in this case there is confusion over whether iphone was excluded before or after he ordered phones. we'd like to thank discover. >> they kept a good customer too,. >> thank you. >> sure. >> let's update the forecast. rain coming in. >> yes. >> i'm going to show you live doppler 7 hd. you can see the rain inland. so i want to show you where moderate rain is snowing up here west of heelsburg. you can see it getting lighter rainfall.
6:48 pm
highway 101, light, moderate now. other parts of the baywi
6:49 pm
looking at the accu-weather forecast we'll have rain chances middle to latter part of the week. >> in the bad. >> time now for ports sports. >> this is a pretty big news. robert the ghost gurero worked for an opportunity like this. cross t's biggest bout
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good evening, a source tells me a megafight is close to a done deal. here is what i know. fight would take place in las all likelihood this would be a he vechblt it would be the biggest pay day for gurero, the current champ after pummeling of barto in october. they have pursued this fight. he told me he thinks he's earned it. that he thinks he could win it.
6:53 pm
he's good enough stob the starter. the head coach back tracking from a statement sunday after the team lost to carolina. today told the media prior will snart san diego for a season fin nauly sunday. this is as much as an indictment on linered this, will be the first nfl start. listed as inactive. >> i'm anxious to see him plaichl i want to see him relax. play the game of football the way it's supposed to be played. i want to see us being able to get in and out of the hole and the operation smooth, running of>!bs then, make sure he makes good decisions. protect the football z then, hopefully, yeel eel be able to do something with his skill set to give us a chance to score points. >> eager to get back out there. the tight end still recovering
6:54 pm
for his sunday night in see. davis wearing noncontact jersey in practice listed as questionable for arizona this weekend. he is adammant he wants to play, still thinking about that hit. >> it's brutal. >> do you think it was legal? >> i don't think it's legal. no. >> a familiar face returns to ora cell arena tonight. wright mainly come off the bench for philadelphia but started in place of an injured jason richardson, scoring 28 in on wednesday, but it's a rough mess. >> there are guy that's can hurt you. and a big time point guard and
6:55 pm
this is a team that really handled this well, last year. so it's going to be a great challenge for us. >> should be a good one. you can blame commotion in union square today on this. >> band, players and coaches for navy and arizona state took to downtown for a co-pep rally two schools will face off tomorrow in the kraft fight hunger bowl. collin cappernick led nevada to victory over boston college. word that he is known for creating the pistol offense. he leaves after 28 seasons. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> a real inventor. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> you've got it. >> join me tonight on cable
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channel 13, the urge to give doesn't hit just around the holidays but more primal. what researchers found about why we share with others and later at 11:00 enjoy bubbles but stay out of trouble. what to expect as we approach the new year. plus... we have just learned of a tragic ending to the bay rescue we started with tonight. a man and child died. we'll update that for you on breaking news. shame. >> yes. we're going to wrap it up for this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time and will see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a finance manager originally from madison, illinois... a high school social studies teacher from coral gables, florida... and our returning champion, a college registrar from providence, rhode island...
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thu, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. perfect example on yesterday's program from nichole here -- starting slowly, but then coming on strong and finishing with a blast. paula and sandip, welcome aboard. pick up the signaling devices, because we're going to work now in the jeopardy! round, which contains one daily double, as it always does. but today, these categories. nichole, where would you like to start? actors & their rolesr $20. paula. who is angelina jolie? she is the actress. actors & their roles, $400.


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